Walgreens FAIL! Update: Retailers Target And Walgreens Are Dropping The Costume. In Other News, Fox Is Staffed By Morons

[Update At Bottom: Even More Halloween Foolishness I Found At Racialicious]

Good looks folks, Walgreens and Target have, at the very least, dropped the ‘illegal alien’ costume. Of course, they issued the classic non-commital apology, displaying they have no idea why the costume was offensive, they just want to avoid the fuss:

Target halted sales. “It was never our intent to offend the consumers with the products we offer,” Target said in a statement.

Walgreens spokeswoman Vivika Vergara said the costume was never in its stores and was pulled from its Web site. “We received feedback from customers and decided it was best to stop carrying it so it would not be subject to varied interpretation,” she said in an e-mail message.

Bravo, I’m glad offending customers isn’t franchise policy.  While it’s possible the “I’m sorry we released a product that is dehumanizing towards HUMAN BEINGS, and offended an already brutalized and persecuted population” apology got lost in the mail, I’m going to interpret this as another case of people completely avoiding anything like responsibility for their actions.  Below the jump, Steve Doocy  and Michael Steele lack faculties resembling common sense!

Now I’m trying to cut down on my “paying attention to Fox News absurdity”.  As I explained recently, I find Fox News to be largely a distraction from the more important work of pressuring and improving Democrats.  That being said, as this is related, I thought I’d draw attention to the continued inability of Fox and Michael Steele to behave like sensitive adults:

Steve Doocy exclaimed, “It’s a joke! Where’s your sense of humor America?” Brian Kilmeade called it “fantastic,” adding, “If you’re here illegally, go to your local police station and tell them how outraged you arebecause you’re an illegal alien and this costume offends you!”

… Not gonna bother.

STEELE: Well, if they are here illegally I got a call it what it is. I mean if you can be undocumented – look you can dress it up any way you want, the reality of it is the status is the key feature here, and if the status is such that you did not come through the regular process, that you did not present yourself properly, to be documented then you are here illegally.

Actually the status most of us were concerned with was that of HUMAN FUCKING BEING.

[Update: Well, apparently this isn't the only instance of charmingly ignorant Halloween costumes.  Racialicious has the scoop on a whole host of appropriative and misrepresentative costuming]

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