Showdown In Chicago

Amidst the successes of the past few days- the vindication of the public option in the Senate, the inauguration of a truly global citizens’ climate movement (seriously, you have got to read the accounts of peoples’ actions and commitment from all over- from Almaty to Zanzibar.  Sometimes in my US-centricity I forget how much ahead of us the rest of the world is in their recognition of the urgency)- let’s not forget about the Showdown In Chicago, what I can only pray is the beginning of a true, sustained movement for financial reform.  I’ve linked to other statements in my earlier post, but here’s a brief roundup of today’s commentary over at Huffington Post:

Here’s Sheila Blair of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation addressing protesters, plus some sweet pictures of the event (apparently some demonstrations were going on in New York, god bless.)

Rob Johnson, of the Roosevelt Institute, has a brief summary, as well as some policy prescriptions.  He also makes the point that with Sheila Blair, Elizabeth Warren, Janet Yellin, and Brooklyn Born there’s a compelling case to be made that women might be better financial regulators.  Color me unsurprised.

Finally, here’s Dean Baker (who predicted and tracked the oncoming recession better than many), on the potential this has to catalyze real reform.  I’m really hoping there’s some way these disparate threads can motivate each other to greater heights.  I’m feeling really amped about health care right now (I’m probably not ever going to feel really amped about climate, but I’ll say we’re doing better than we could), and I hope that momentum carries us into the next, equally crucial (if not more crucial, when you think about how much this issue jerks the economy around with it) battle.

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